About BACALS - (Biometric Attendance & Computer Aided Learning System For Schools)

HCL Infosystems will collaborate with the Tribal and Education Department of Gujarat to facilitate capturing of online attendance data for both students and teachers in schools. Under the existing programs where the Government has been giving grant for schools in the tribal area basis student attendance, this system will enable generation of real time data and effective utilization of grants for a transparent education system at all levels in the state. The system will also help the government to study education patterns & dropout rates across regions. 

The project plans to cover over 7000 schools in the state with over 1000 schools under Tribal Department & over 6,000 schools under Education Department. The implementation process would initially take place in two districts out of eight notified tribal districts, comprising of 150 schools each. Once carried out for 2 months, it will then be extended to all remaining schools. HCL will also setup helpdesk at each district and a project management unit at Gandhinagar, for effective delivery. Beside this, HCL would also be deploying its specialist workforce of engineers in each school, responsible for periodical visits for on ground system support.


Activities involved.
  • Site Preparation at Project Locations
  • Installing Minimum 2 units of computer systems with Biometric finger print scanner, furniture for computers and UPS.
  • Connectivity to respective DHQs
  • Connectivity from DHQ to SHQ
  • Setting up DHQ with Server and Clients
  • Setting up SHQ with Server, Clients, Storage & Backup device.
  • Data capturing of students / Staff at all locations
  • Digitising captured data
  • Finger enrollment of all users at Project Locations
  • Training of users k) MIS generation at DHQ & SHQ
  • Setting up Helpdesks at each DHQ and SHQ
  • Setting up Project Management Unit (PMU) at SHQ
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